Wednesday, 23 September 2015

OPERATION SERVAL. The French Military intervention in Mali 2013.

It's been a while since we played a game of Force On Force, so, we all got together at John's place and put on a game.

The game was based on  the conflict in Mali in 2013.

The Malian Government requested assistance from the French Government to help stop the Islamic Insurgents that were sweeping the country.

The setting was a small town that was taken over by Insurgents and the Malian Forces with the assistance of a French trying to retake it.

The Malian forces moved in to start the battle but ran into heavy resistance and, took casualties early with one squad becoming pinned down and loosing there BRDM2 armoured car, but not before it took out a Technical.

Things looked bad for the Malians as they awaited for the French to arrive.

The French Forces.

The Malian Army.

The insurgents.

The town.

Insurgents take to the roof tops awaiting the infidels.

Waiting to spring the ambush.

The town under the Insurgents control

Insurgents waiting on the outskirts of the town ready to ambush the Malian forces as the head for the town..

Waiting in ambush.

Malian forces racing for the town.

The French move in.

Malian forces cautiously approaching the town.

Malian BRDM2 opens up on the first Technical taking it out.

The Insurgents from one of the roof tops opens up with an RPG round and takes out the BRDM2.

One of the Malian squads starts to take heavy fire...

...and to make things worse hits an IED on the way taking casualties.

The French advance is slowed down with the sighting of an IED on the road.

The Malians pinned down.

With the sighting of an IED halting the French convoy, the Snipers decide to move in on foot.

The town so far in Insurgents control.

The French come up with a plan...

...and bypass the IED.

More insurgents move into the town to take on the Infidels.

The Malian forces take fire from a Technical in the distance.

One of the Malian squads taking fire from an ambush on there left..

The French dismount and prepare to unleash hell.

The French snipers move in cautiously

The insurgents open up from a roof top on the French. However the insurgents kept rolling duds on there PRG rounds 

Re enforcements arrive for the Insurgents.

With the arrival of the French the Insurgents swarm in.

Insurgents move forward with word of the Malians pinned on the left flank.

The Insurgents start to lose numbers ...

...thanks to the arrival of the French Sniper team who proved to be devastating in over watch.

The first French squad secures one of the buildings overlooking the town and, pours on devastating fire onto the Insurgents below.

Second French squad moves in.

Insurgent re enforcements arriving from the hills

Must stop the infidels.

Unleash hell.

With the French on the seen, the insurgents start to take on heavy casualties.

Inspired by there French allies the Malians find the momentum to more forward.

The Malians make it to the town and take the fight to the Insurgents.

"Watch that corner."

The French on the Right flank have cleared the town.

The Malians open up with an PRG round and take out the last of the Technicals.

With the left flank secured by the Malians and the right by the French, the insurgents abandon the town...

...and run for the hills.

Lost cause for the Insurgents. The town is back under Malian control.

The Insurgents proved to be no mach for the French and, had a lot of bad luck as they had to roll for there RPG rounds and kept getting ones, which were duds. They also had further bad luck when it came to drawing, Fog Of War cards with the result of them blowing themself's up by accident several times. True insurget style.


  1. Nice, good old FoF! Great looking game, both table and minis! Maybe should some Force on Force here too.

    1. Thanks Juha. Looking forward to seeing your moderns again.

  2. Very nice AAR and game table, fantastic. Sadly the bad luck of the Insurgents!

    1. Thanks Juan. I guess it was a case of history repeating it's self.

  3. Great game Spyros and some great images there too mate

  4. Thanks Nathan. Let me know when you're back?

  5. Ahhh...those insurgents...just can't get a break!! Fun times!

    1. Thanks for putting the game on brother.