Sunday, 24 July 2016

Modern Australian reenforcements.

My modern Aussies have received some extra armour recently thanks to Les Applebee from Uncle Les Models.
All his models are custom made as ordered and painted if you like, ready to hit the table top.

Here are some photos of the force so far.
The figures are all from Skirmish Sangin.

I do have the Empress modern Australians but they are off being painted to add to this force.
Photos will go up when they're ready.

They are all painted up in the jelly bean AUSCAM rather than the new CRYE PRECISION AUSCAM (Australian version of the MULTICAM) that is being phased in. That way I can also use them for Afghan Ops.

M13AS4 from Uncle Les Models.

Uncle Les Models.

Uncle Les ASLAV made to order with crew.

Uncle Les ASLAV PC with Servailance mast.

The survailance mast is magnatised so it can be removed to use as normal ASLAV PC.

Uncle Les customised Bushmaster PMV.

M88 Hercules Recovery Vehicle.

Current Battle Group with two Platoons consisting of a PLT HQ and three Sections each.

1st Platoon HQ.

2nd Platoon HQ.

1 section 1 PLT

2 Section 1 PLT

3 Section 1 PLT

Empress M1 Abrams converted to M1A1 AIM SA.

1 Section 2 PLT

2 Section 2 PLT

3 Section 2 PLT.

Eureka SASR.

Friday, 22 July 2016

BTR 80

Slowly building my modern forces up in numbers for Modern Bolt Action games.

Came across these 1/50 scale die cast BTR 80's on ebay at a cheap price, so I purchased two and repainted them.

 I'm happy with the way they turned out.

Original colours.


With some Empress 28mm Modern Russians.

Next to an Empress Models BMP3.