Saturday, 18 April 2015

Bolt Action- Take The Town.

A while ago we had played a game of Bolt Action on Joe's City board when he had just finished it, but we didn't have enough buildings to cover it properly.

Well we played another round this time with the board fully covered the way it should be, and wow what a difference it was.

This time round I took a German Waffen SS army and Joe took the Americans.

The objective  was to capture three points.

1 The Hotel.
2 The middle of the Canal
3 The Cafe.

We roughly had about 1800 points each.

It was a very costly and bloody battle with casualties mounting on both sides, but when the Americans called in an Air Strike and Joe kept rolling  sixes with it, it decimated a lot of German units and changed the tide of the game with the Americans capturing the objectives at the Canal and Cafe.

The three objective markers being the wooden crates would be placed at the objectives. One being this Hotel.

The Second objective would be the middle of the Canal under this middle bridge.

The third objective would be this Cafe.

The Board from the American side.

Objective One.

Objective Two.

Objective Three.

Another view of Objective Two.

American MMG group moves on first.

American Squad moves on.

An American Sniper takes up position in an attic on the opposite side of the Hotel.

First Germans move on behind the Hotel.

American Greyhound passes the Cafe.

More Germans arrive close to were the Greyhound is approaching.

American infantry follow the Greyhound.

Germans move into the buildings to set up ambush.

More yanks arrive.

Yanks pouring in.

Germans waiting to ambush the Greyhound.

The Germans come out at the Hotel objective and take on the Yanks.

Americans on the sweep.

American forces in front of the Cafe Objective who's red roof you can just see in the bottom of the photo.

Germans take up cover in a ruin next to the Hotel.

The Americans pour in opposite the Hotel.

German Sniper team in the Hotel tries to slow down the Yanks.

An American view of the German Sniper in the large middle window.

A view of the American forces from the Hotel end.

The Americans in numbers opposite the Hotel.

Panzershreck team moves into the Hotel.

One of three German HQ's

Second German HQ near the Hotel Objective

Third German HQ.

A look at the board from the Cafe end with the Americans in mass.

The first of two American Sherman tanks arrives opposite the Hotel.

American Bazooka team opposite the Hotel.

Second Sherman tank arrives and takes up position next to the Cafe.

Aerial view of Americans opposite the Hotel.

A German Panzershreck team takes a shot at the Sherman opposite the Hotel after a Marder III that had just arrived failed to destroy it.

One German squad rushes down the stairs of the Canal to try and get to the Objective.

Almost there.

The Sherman is pinned opposite the Hotel.

A Panzershreck team fails to hurt the greyhound.

The Greyhound rushes forward to silence the threat.

A German squad in ambush unleashes with a Panzerfaust taking out the Greyhound.

Americans rush down the opposite set of stairs to prevent the Germans from getting to the Canal Objective.

A squad of Germans tries to stop them.

With the Greyhound taken out the Germans try to  assault the Americans near the Cafe before they get down the stairs. This proved to be a fatal mistake for the Germans as the whole squad was wiped out in hand to hand combat.( Sorry. I forgot to take a photo of the assault.)

The American MMG moves forward and tries to stop the Germans on the stairs before they get to the Canal Objective.

The race is on for the Canal Objective.

The Americans make it to the bottom of the Canal towards the Objective.

An American squad pours on devastating fire onto the Germans down below to prevent them from getting to the Canal Objective.

The Bazooka team takes out the Marder III.

The Battle near the Hotel.

Another view of the battle near the Hotel.

German squad at the Hotel Objective wipes out an American squad as they failed there break test after losing half there unit.

Panzershreck takes out the Sherman opposite the Hotel.

The Germans pour on the fire at the Hotel pining down the Yanks.

With the Americans unable to make a break through on the Hotel end, they call in air strike.

The air strike hits on target.

The American air strike is devastating wiping out most of the Germans and some of there own near the Hotel.

What's left at the bridge over the Canal Objective after the air strike.

The Americans rush in numbers for the Canal Objective wiping out the Germans on the opposite end.

The Americans try to flush out the Germans near the Cafe end.

View of the battle from the German end. Cafe to the top left and Hotel to the bottom right.

The Germans hold onto the Hotel objective at all costs.

The American Sniper takes out his opposite at the Hotel.

What's left of the Germans on the Cafe end try to assault the Americans at the Cafe Objective. If the Germans could take this and hold the hotel Objective they would win the game.

The assault is bloody and the Americans hold on.

The Cafe objective in American hands with no Germans in site.

The Americans assault the Germans for the Hotel Objective...

...but the Germans just make it and hold on to there only objective.

 With both the Cafe and Canal objectives secured the Americans win the game.
It was awesome fighting in such an urban built up area.