Saturday, 27 September 2014

Past Games Operation Goodwood.

Found more photos from past games we use to play at my brothers. These are from at least ten years ago, 2004 before the Bolt Action rules.


Saturday, 20 September 2014

Bolt Action Double.

Got together with Joe Simeone at his place Saturday afternoon for a couple of rounds of Bolt Action.

Joe started playing Bolt Action this year and he has a massive German and US army.
All of his terrain is scratch built and it looks amazing.

We played two games with the objective being to see who could wipe out who first.

Just a Warning. Lots of pics.

First game Joe took a German force.
1 x Panzer IV
1 x Sniper team
1 x HQ
3 x 10 man Squads.

I took a British force.
1 x Cromwell tank
1 x PIAT team.
1 x HQ
3 x 10 man Squads.

Joe's Excellent scratch built terrain.

The Cromwell moving onto the bridge.

Panzer IV moving passed the buildings

German Panzer IV moving passed the two buildings on the top left, and the Cromwell on the right heading for the bridge.

First British Squad moves through the church grounds.

PIAT team takes up a position looking down the road were the Panzer IV was coming.

Second British squad.

German Sniper team moves into the first building.

Third British squad heading up the road.

First German squad moves passed the buildings.

British HQ.

Second German squad behind the Panzer IV.

German HQ takes the second building.

The German force advances.

1st British squad heads for the bridge.

German Sniper team moves to the window of the top floor.


The Cromwell takes out the Panzer IV first shot.

Third British squad moves past the PIAT team and up the road now that the Panzer IV has been taken out...

...and start taking casualties.
Second British squad does the same.

First German squad takes heavy casualties and is eventually wiped out.

Second German squad moves in to even up the score with a panzerfaust and takes out the Cromwell.


Third British Squad moves up...

...only to be cut down.

The Germans pour it on.

Third British Squad wiped.

Second German Squad battles on.

First British squad goes over the bridge.

The battle so far.

Joe's Scratch built church with each pebble added one at a time.

German HQ observes the battle.

German second squad moves forward to take on the Tommie's.

British First Squad keeps advancing.

The third German squad comes into the battle and adds to the firefight.

The British lost a Second squad and are reduced to the first squad coming over the bridge.

First and last British squad comes past the burning Cromwell.

Germans open up with a hail of bullets...

...taking out most of the British squad.

What's left of the British force with  the HQ coming up to add what little help they can.

The fight is on.

The German take casualties....

...and finally lose another squad.

The last of the German squads fires back...

...and wipes out the last of the British squads.

The British HQ tries a last charge...

...only to be cut down by the German Sniper team.

Victory to the  Germans.


Joe took a German Force.
1x Tiger I tank.
1x Sniper team.
1x HQ.
3x 10 man squads.

I took a British Para. Force.

1x Sherman Firefly.
1x Sniper team.
1x HQ.
3x 10 man Squads.

We played the same battle only with both players taking the opposite sides of the board.

The Paras moved first with the sniper team running up to the top floor of first building.

Tiger on the prowl.

German sniper team heading for the church tower.

First German squad advances behind the tiger.

First Para squad moves into the building overlooking the bridge.

Second German squad.

The Firefly comes on and takes up an ambush position at the base of the bridge.


German sniper team makes it to the church tower. They kept pinning most of the Paras, but were eventually taken out by a brilliant counter sniper move by the British Para sniper team.

First Para squad in the building overlooking the bridge.

Tiger comes into view.

Third German squad.

Still waiting.

Third Para squad.

Germans closing in with the Paras taking up defencive positions in the buildings.

Germans getting closer.

The Firefly takes a shot and only manages to stun the crew. This happened twice forcing the Tiger to sit out two turns.

Second Para squad takes up defence.

Germans closing in on the pesty Firefly.

German HQ moves up to join the battle.

Germans cross the river towards the village.

Third Para squad moves forward to take on the advancing Germans.

To late. The Germans take out the Firefly with a panzerfaust after it had been immobilised earlier.

Scratch one Firefly .OH  S@*T.

No stopping the Germans now.

First Para squad takes revenge on the German squad who took out the Firefly.

British Para HQ observes the carnage.

By this stage the Germans had lost another squad, and the Paras in a desperate bid, tried to assault the Tiger but had no luck.

With the Tiger finally back in the battle, it  pushes past the Paras to wreak havoc.

With most of the Para squads down to half, it's do or die as another squads tries to assault the Tiger with no luck.

By this stage all of the Para squads were wiped out and the Germans won the game.

Joe was wrapped as it was his first win in a game of Bolt Action. Two in one night.

Well done Joe.