Saturday, 24 November 2018

Operation Neptune Spear. The Mission to kill UBL. A Modern Bolt Action Game.

Nick Crones and I got together for a game at our club, Company Of Dice this weekend, and had a game of Modern Bolt Action.

We used Jay White's Modern adaptation that he has put together, available on his blog, Jay's Wargaming Madness.
You can download rules and list from the link below.

For this scenario we decided to play Operation Neptune Spear. The raid on Osama Bin Laden's compound.

Nick has a fantastic 28mm replica of the compound, so we set it up and had a game.

I played the US forces and Nick the the Insurgents.

The mission got of to a hairy start for the Americans with the chopper carrying one of the SEAL teams and Ranger team went down.
But just like in the real thing they all walked away and pressed on with the mission.

Well just like the real thing all the baddies got taken out but not without the loss of 4 SEAL's and there dog.

The Compound.

First team of SEAL's arrives via Blackhawk.
The Blackhawk would return after dropping off the first team and provide air cover.

Insurgent sentry on top of the main compound.

The Chinook with the second team of SEAL's and a Ranger QRF goes down and is immobilised, However the entire package walked away and pressed on with the mission.

The first team of SEAL's make there way to the compound main building.

Some more insurgent sentries unaware of what is coming there way. 

A sentry on the balcony of the main building and in the court yard.

A SEAL sniper takes up over watch on top of a shipping container and takes aim at the sentry on the roof  of the main building...

... and takes him out.

First SEAL team arrives at one of the gates and gets ready to breach it.

Having breached the gate they quickly move in to breach further gates. However they start to take fire from some of the insurgents who are inside the compound taking out the Dog.

With the first SEAL team taking heavy fire, the Rangers rush forward to assist.

The insurgents inside the compound who have started to put up a bit of a fight with the first team of SEAL's also take a hit.

With the sound of gun fire another insurgent with an RPG runs to the roof to to try and stop the infidels.

The first team of SEAL's is slowed down in a heavy gun fight with the insurgents. This would cost the SEAL's dearly as the whole team was almost wiped out with the loss of three SEAL's leaving just one .

Meanwhile the second team of SEAL's and the mission CO have breached the other side of the compound and move in. 

With the SEAL's suffering dearly in the first team, the Ranger QRF arrives in time and lays down devastating fire and takes out the insurgents.

Last man standing in the first SEAL team with the Rangers.

A sentry wonders out and tries to take out the sniper.

The lone SEAL from the first team breaches the first door to the building, only to find it is bricked up.

The second SEAL team starts to take fire from the sentry on the balcony while the Mission CO breaches one of the other doors only to have the same result. All bricked up.

The view with the Rangers on the left with the sentry on the balcony engaging the second team of SEAL's on the right side.

The Sniper takes out the lone sentry who ventured out.

The gun fight with the second team of SEAL's.

After falling to gain entry with the bricked up door way the CO moves to plan B, but not until the sentry on the balcony can be taken out.

The second team of SEAL's moves forward and pours on the fire power...

...taking out the sentry on the balcony.

With all the sentries cleared outside, the CO moves forward to breach the the back door to the main building with the second team of SEAL's.  

The Rangers arrive and stack up ready to make entry on breach.

With a "snap to" order the Second SEAL team and Rangers rush into the ground floor...

...and take out the first target inside.

Another insurgent appears at the top of the stairs...

...and he too is taken out.

The second team of SEAL's move quickly to the second floor and...

...and continue to clear the floor of more insurgents.

The Rangers also make there way to the second floor.

With the Americans closing in on him from down below, UBL(Osama Bin Laden) takes cover behind three of his bodyguards, while another waits in ambush on the top floor. 

The Second SEAL team rushes up the stairs with the point man taking a hit.

With a man down the second SEAL team presses on and takes out the insurgent who was in ambush.

The Rangers also run up and take out UBL's bodyguards.

UBL goes into a mad panic and starts to spray the room with gun fire not allowing the second SEAL team or Rangers to get a clean shot.

However the Last man of the first SEAL team rushes in and exacts revenge for his fallen team mates...

...with a shot right between UBL's eye.

"For God And Country, Geronimo"