Saturday, 13 February 2016

Modern Us Firepower.

Here are some photos of my first modern US vehicles I have had for some time.

 Thanks to Jay White and his fantastic blog for providing a great adaptation of using the Bolt Action rules with a hint of Force on Force they will soon be put into action.

Here is a link to Jay's Blog:

Go through it and check out some of his awesome games and minis.

Die cast M1A1's from Hobby Boss.

M113 APC from Empress.

AAV7 from Empress.

M3 Bradley's from Empress.

Hummer's from Empress.

Striker from Company B.

Minis are a mixture of Eureka and Empress.

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Vietnam Buckets.

Here are some photos of some Australian M113 APC's that I will be using to go with the Centurion tanks I picked up recently.

They will be part of an Aussie force I will be putting together for games of "Bolt Action Vietnam".
Here is the link to there Facebook page.