Sunday, 30 April 2017

"Rangers lead the way"

The latest addition to my modern collection.
US Rangers by Empress miniatures.
These would have to be some of the nicest sculpts I have seen in a while.
They have been painted up wearing the latest Multicam, by Dan Dunbar.

Hope you enjoy the photos.

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

DDay Beach Assault. Bolt Action.

John and Phil came over for a game of Bolt Action today.
Always promised John we would play on my D Day board that Joseph Semione built for me, so I set it up.

It was a 1250 point game with Phil and myself taking the US Veterans and John the German Waffen SS.

Things kicked of well with the preliminary bombardment for the Americans managing to pin some of those Germans down. However just like in the real thing, by turn six the first wave was ineffective for the Americans  not getting off the beach in time and, having lost most of there units it was a German win.

Calm before the storm.



The Assault begins.

First squad taking fire.

Germans trying to pin those yanks down.

The German line.
The Americans trying get off there landing craft.

Trying to get off the beach.

US forces trying to make a run.

US forces taking heavy fire.
What's left of one US squad tries to get close and kill some Germans.

Another squad that has taken heavy casualties gets to the cliff face.

Germans keep pouring on that heavy fire.

Shooting at close range.

German Pak 40 swings around to add some fire.

Germans keep pouring it on.

"Get off the beach."

What's left of a US squad tries to close with the enemy.

One decimated squad makes it to the German trenches.

The Sherman tries to get in close and open up with his MMG's.

What's left of this US squad.

Sherman gets stunned by the Pak 40.

All over for the Americans with just about all squads wiped out by turn 6.

Saturday, 8 April 2017

Latest Modern Australians.

Here is a small collection of some of my latest 28mm  modern Australians.
These ones are from Empress Miniatures.

I have added the Camouflage netted helmets with the heavy netting from the British heads as these fit in perfect. 

The Vehicles are from Leslie Applebee of Uncle Les Models. 
All his vehicles are resin and come fully finished painted and customised to your liking.
I have attached his link here:

                             The look I was after with camouflage netting on there helmets.