Thursday, 1 October 2020

Red Storm on the Rhine. 1980's Cold War Game.

 I've had a large 28mm Cold War B.A.O.R and a Soviet Army that was finally finished of last year, so John and I got together and put on a game.

The scenario was a Soviet thrust over a river in an attempt to establish a foothold.  The Soviets had to secure two bridges and clear the area of any British Forces.

The British had to hold and defend against the Soviet onslaught that was coming there way. 

 In the end the British held back the Soviets after a fierce  battle.

The minis are a mix of Eureka, Mo Fo and Badger, The Vehicles are all customised by Uncle Les Models.  

The rules we used were Rapid Fire with the Able Archer 83-84 adaptation. Great rules if you want to play large games that are simple, fast and don't bog down.

We played the whole game in about two and a half hours.

Here's a short video of the table walk around of the end result.

Below are some photos. 

The battle field before deployment. British on the right, Soviets on the left.

From the opposite side 

Soviet BMP2 IFV's 

BMP2 & T55 tank. 

British section.

British Company HQ.

British Chieftain Tank supported by FV432 APC's. 

T55 tank knocked out.

Soviets taking first casualties. 

Soviet Squad. 

Pair of Soviet T72 Tanks move forward. 

Soviets press the attack. 

One of the British Platoon HQ's

British MILAN ATGM team waiting to spring the ambush. 

Chieftain tank faces off with Soviet T72 tank.

Soviet T72 crossing the bridge.

British MILAN ATGM team ready to take out the T72.

British left flank taking casualties as the Soviets cross the river in there amphibious BMP2's. 

Chieftain tank takes out a T72 with it's superior 120mm gun.

Soviets advance on the British right flank.

Soviet T80 tanks. 

Chieftain tank rushes forward on right flank to try and slow down the Soviet advance. 

Chieftain tank in Berlin Camo scheme taking aim at T80 tank coming over the bridge.

British troops arrive on the right flank to try and hold back the Soviet advance.

The battle field. British on the left and Soviets on the right.

BMP2's crossing the river.

One of the T80's takes heavy damage causing it to halt while the other presses on. 

Chieftain tanks trying to take out a T80. 

British right flak platoon HQ joined by a MILAN ATGM team.

British left flank just holding on.

Soviet troops firing across the river at the British left flank.

British section opening up on Soviets coming across the bridge...
... taking all but one man out.

Brave Soviet trooper presses on after loosing all his comrades. 

Chieftain tank taken out by a T55 tank on the other side of the river.  

T80tank  stopped on the bridge.

Soviets mange to cross over to the British right flank. 

British right flank trying to halt the Soviets who have crossed over.

British CHQ.

British FV432's and troops.

The Soviets on the British left flank are slowed down. 

the British open up stopping the advance. 

With there transports knocked out the soviets are forced to exit the BMP2 IFV's.

The British fight on despite taking heavy casualties.  

Soviet mortar team supporting the Soviets attacking the British right flank.  

British section on the right flank.

"FIX BAYNETS!" Soviet infantry charging into a British section, only to be wiped out.  

Close combat on the British right flank.

The battle continues.

British platoon on the right flank.

British FV432 APC taken out by an ATGM form a soviet BMP2 IFV.

Soviet PRG team advancing on British Chieftain tank.

RPG firing.

One of the Soviet Platoon HQ's.

Soviet troops taking cover behind a knocked out T72 tank on a bridge.

Knocked out Soviet armour. 

The only Soviet tank to take out a British tank. "Hero of the Soviet Union."

Having stopped the Soviet advance the British pause to asses the battlefield. 

Panoramic view from the British side after the battle.