Friday, 19 January 2018

Aussie Assualt. Bolt Action Pacific game.

John and I got together at his place for a game of Bolt Action.
It was my Australian Jungle Division troops vs John's Japanese.

The Japs were dug in and the Aussies had to clear them out down to the last man as the little buggers were well dug in and would not surrender.

The Aussies stormed the beaches and found the going a little tough at first coming under some heavy fire by the Japs. Also the Japs launched some fanatical Banzai attacks wiping out the Aussie HQ early in the game, but not before the Aussie sniper took out the Japanese CO.

In the end the Aussies managed to clear the area down to the last two Japanese soldiers.

It was an Aussie victory but at a high cost.

Part of the main board from the Australian side.

Japs dug in.

Jap troops waiting.

Jap HQ.

Japs waiting for the assault.

Jap HMG.

More Japs dug in.

Jap ambush.

The Aussies come ashore.

Aussie Sniper team.

Aussie MMG.

Aussie Engineer squad moving forward to try and flush out the Japs with a Flame Thrower.

Aussie squad.

Jap light tank opens up.

Aussie advance showing the Japs dug in with a light tank in support.

Aussie HQ arrives on the beach.

Jap squad starting to advance while the MMG opens up one the first of the Aussies.

Aussies start to take fire.

Aussie Matilda CS tank arrives to add some fire power.

The Japanese CO is taken out by the Aussie Sniper.

Japs close in to try and launch there Banzai attacks.

The Aussie Engineers start to take casualties...

... but they manage to close in and open up with the Flame Thrower and the rest of the squad, taking out the first of the Japs.

The first of the Veteran Australian Independent Commandos arrive to join in.

Second lot of Aussie Commandos.

The battle from the Aussie right flank.

The Japs push forward to try and stop the Aussies on the beach.

the main battle from the Aussie side.

The Japanese light tank moves in to fire but the round misses.

The Matilda fires back taking him it out.

The first of the fanatical Japanese Banzai attacks...

... takes out the Aussie HQ.

Second Banzai attack against the Commandos doesn't go so well...

... and the Japs are taken out.

A Third Banzai attack on the Second squad of Commando's is repelled ...

...but at a high cost to the Aussies.

having just fended off a Banzai attack the Commando find themselves attacked by the Japanese HQ...

... but they manage to fend them off.

A lone Japanese soldier opens up, but has no luck and is cut down next turn.

The entire right flank of the Australian sector is cleared leaving only one Japanese squad and a MMG team in the far left flank.

The Japanese retreat and set up ambush awaiting the Aussies.

The Aussie Matilda CS tank moves forward hunting the last of the Japs.

The last of the Jap squads retreats to a nearby trench and digs in.

The Aussies move forward under artillery support from the 25pdr Short.

The Aussies close in.

The Japs are waiting.

The battle from the Japanese right flank with Aussies closing in.

The Aussie Snipers roll a FUBAR and pull back. They never had much luck after they were first pinned.

Aussies closing in.

The Japs try rally but roll a FUBAR...

... forcing them to pull back to the waters edge.

The Jap MMG has better luck springing it's ambush on the first Aussie squad that comes into it's cross hairs...

... and the Aussie squad is reduced down to three men.

However one of the Australian Commando squads rushes forward and occupies one of the abandoned Japanese trenches.

The Aussie Commandos in the trench.

The Japanese MMG tries to stop the Aussies but fails.

The Aussies closing in on the last remnants of the Japanese.

The Aussie Commandos push forward and open up on the Jap MMG...

... taking it out.

The Japs have nowhere to run...

... and are taken out.

The Aussie Commandos sweep forward after taking the last position.

The Aussie MMG keeps cover in case any more Japs turn up... dose the 25pdr Short.