Saturday, 25 July 2015

D Day Normandy Beach. Part Three

Here are some more photos of the Normandy Beach that Joeseph Simeone is currently building for me. Coming along very nicely.

As you can see the bunkers have been set and the sand added.
Next will be the duck boards and wooden palings for the trenches.

One of the roads leading off the beach.

Some modelling clay added to leave tank track marks.

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Modern Bolt Action. Australians vs Taliban.

My Brother and I got together with John this week and played a game of Bolt Action. However this time we decided to do something different and use an adaption of modern rules we came across on the web.
I thought this was the perfect opportunity to put my newly painted Australian Infantry into action against the Taliban.

The rules worked quite well. The only thing we forgot was to give the forces there own trait or special rule.

John took the Taliban and my Brother and I the Aussies.

We played a 1500 points game with the scenario being the the Aussies having to clear out a Taliban held town by capturing three key objectives.

The Aussie held onto two of the key objectives, however it came at a high cost.

Link to Modern Rules:

John will have more photos on his blog soon, "Band Of Wargame Brothers."


The Town. The Aussies would be coming on from the left.

The front of the Town from the Taliban end.

First half of the Taliban force.

Second half of the Taliban force.

The Aussies.

We added Civilians in just for fun. They didn't play any purpose in the game.

Town centre.

Right of town with one of the objectives.

Left of the Town centre

Taliban Dshka HMG that was on the Aussie right flank

Taliban in the Town centre.

Taliban mortar and technicals.

Taliban controlling the Town.

Aussies move in on there left flank with the support of an ASLAV.

1st Aussie HQ with more troops on the left flank.

Aussie left flank.

First Aussie Bushmaster PMV with section on board moves in on the right flank close to the Town centre.

Taliban bringing up PRG's towards the Town centre.

2nd Aussie HQ takes up a command view close to the Town centre. They tried to call in an Air strike but failed to do so.

Aussie section heading for the Town centre objective.

Taliban moving up to stop the Aussie ASLAV and troops.

Aussies heading for the centre.

More Taliban rushing to stop the Aussies on the right flank.

ASLAV moves up.

"Contact front" Aussie right flank.

"Contact" Town centre.

Aussies moving to the Town centre from the left flank.

Taliban rushing in to secure objective on the right flank.

Taliban firing into the Aussie left flank were the ASLAV is.

First Taliban technical with Dshka HMG speeds to the town centre.

Second Bushmaster PMV arrives and dismounts to engage the Taliban Dshka on the right flank.

But they come under fire.

Aussie troops close to objective on the left flank.

1st Aussie HQ secures objective on left flank.

ASLAV cutting down Taliban on the left flank.

Heavy fire fight in the Town centre.

More Aussies move in to join the fight in the Town centre.

Aussies take casualties from the pesky Dshka HMG.

Aussie taking casualties in the Town centre.

Technical arrives at the Town centre and lets rip.

Taliban rushing forward on the left flank.

The Aussies pour it on and try to thin them out.

One of the Aussie sections from the first Bushmaster PMV dismount and take a building on the right flank.

One of the Taliban HQ's near the town centre.

Taliban rushing forward on the right flank.

A second Aussie section moves into the building on the right flank.

Heavy fighting on the right flank.

One section rushes to the roof ...

..putting the Dshka HMG out of action.

The Taliban get caught in a hail of sustained fire on the left flank.

The Aussies pour on the fire in the Town centre forcing the Taliban to break and run.

Taliban wiped out on the left flank.

Having secured the left flank, some of the Aussie sections move towards the Town centre from house to house.

More Taliban rushing to the Town centre after one of there units panicked and ran off.

The Taliban bring in some heavy fire power in the Town centre with a recoiles gun technical.

The civilians having fled the Town watch from the outskirts.

On the move for the centre.

Coming in from the left flank to engage Taliban near the Town centre.

The Aussies desperately holding onto the Town centre.

Taliban Heavy fire tries to budge them out.

Taliban RPG lets rip on the right flank...

...taking out the first Bushmaster PMV.

Aussie right flank.

Taliban units starting to thin out in the Town centre.

More Taliban arrive on the left flank...

...and run into stiff resistance from the Aussies.

Second Bushmaster PMV moves towards the town centre and opens up with its GPMG.

Aussies starting to thin out in the Town centre.

Elements from the left flank run into Taliban on there way to the Town centre.

Aussies on the right flank come out to clear one of the other buildings.

Holding on. Town centre.

ASLAV lets rip taking out a Taliban unit.

Just holding on.

Aussie elements from the left flank move towards the Town centre to assist.

Aussie backup arrives in the town centre and opens up.

Taliban rushing for the left flank.

Taliban mortar adds fire.

Taliban wiped out near the Town centre.

More Taliban move in to plug the gap.

Taliban move into the buildings on the right flank and engage the Aussies.

The Aussies let rip with some M203 grenade launches and take out one of the technicals while the rest of the section clears the Town centre.

Aussies on the right flank open up and take out the Taliban in the building.

Second Taliban HQ moves into one of the buildings near the centre.

One of the Aussie HQ's moves in to take the Town centre objective.

The Taliban assault one of the Aussie sections on the right flank...

...and just manage to take them out.

The Bushmaster PMV opens up on the building on the right flank after it was taken by the Taliban.

What's left of the Taliban near the Town centre.

The Aussies get into hand to hand coming in from the left...

...just managing to hold on after wining the fight.

The Taliban assault the last of the Aussies on the right flank...

...taking them out.

The Taliban try to assault the Aussies in the Town centre...

...but are wiped out.

The ASLAV opens up on the Taliban mortar.

View from one of the Town centre roofs with one of the Aussie HQ's holding the centre objective.

The last of the Taliban in the Town centre.

The Recoiles gun takes out the last of the Bushmaster PMV's.

Both Bushmaster PMV's out of action.

Aussies on the left flank...

... just holding on.

The Taliban mortar that was finally taken out by the ASLAV.

First objective in Aussie hands.

Second objective in Aussie hands.