Thursday, 28 April 2016

WW2 Pacific Thearter Australlian Army.

With the release of the new army list for Australians from Bolt Action I thought I would put up some photos of my WW2 Jungle Army Aussies.

The New PDF is fantastic and gives you the option for the Early war Militia forces before 1942, or later when the Army was reorganised into a Jungle Division with better firepower and equipment.

Here is the link to the free PDF.

My Force is based on a Jungle Division from 1942 onwards when the Aussies were on the offensive.

Minis are a mixture of Brigade Games Miniatures who produce Pacific Australians, and The Assault Group Chindits who pass of well as Australians. Links attached below.

Flame thrower and Mine sweeper.

M3 Stuart and Matilda II tanks with LVTP 7 in the back.

Sniper team.

Medic, Officer and Radio Operator.

Medium Morter and Vickers MMG.

Australian Owen SMG's.

PIAT teams.

Bren LMG's
The real thing.

Australian Owen SMG.

Saturday, 16 April 2016

Somewhere in Normady. Bolt Action Game.

This weekend I put on a game of Bolt Action for a friend of mine Nik who is new to the game. Joe turned up and  played the US Paras against Nik with the German Paras.

Well Nik did fantastic for a first timer and beat Joe taking two out of the three objectives and destroying most of the US force.

Both players took 1000pts and had eight order dice each.

US Paras recon the outskirts the night before.

The German Paras.

The US Paras.

The USM10 tank destoyer kept falling to destroy the Panzer IV

German Paras roll a double six FUBAR and...

...kill there own sniper team on the top floor.


Germans destroy just about all of  the US units in the town.

The race for the center objective.

US M10 gets taken out by a panzerfaust.
Looks like the Germans have raped this one up.

Two of the objecives in German hands.

The one US objective.