Sunday, 29 June 2014

28MM ASLAV Updated

Finally finished  converting my 28mm ASLAV with the correct pintle mounted M240 GPMG on the  turret. Now it really looks Aussie.

The GPMG is a MAG58 which is identical to the M240, from Eureka minis with an ammo box added.

I was not happy with the way it looked with the M60 GPMG, but couldn't get my hands onto a proper M240 GPMG  until now to give it the right look.

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Bolt Action demo games at the Combat Company.

The Combat Company ran some demo games of Bolt Action this weekend thanks to David and the team from The Demo Gamers who brought all the minis and fantastic terrain.
They have a fantastic blog with some great ideas you can download from there blog. Link attached to the list of blogs I follow.

There were two tables running. The first was a rural winter table,  and the second was a great urban town table.

It was a great turnout with lots of people having a go at the game for the first time and really enjoying it.

Below are some of the pics I took. Enjoy.

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Aussie M113AS1 APC

This is the latest addition to my modern Australian vehicle collection.
It's the M113AS1 APC with the T50 turret from Eureka Miniatures.

This version of the M113AS1 was used extensively by the Australian Army in East Timor and up until about 2008.

The real thing,
East Timor OPS.
The new converted M113AS4 now in service.
They have now all been converted into the M113AS4 version which has a new Tenix turret and an extra set of wheels. This was done by taking two M113s and cutting them in half and joining then together to make a stretched version.

M1A1 AIM SA Abrams
My next plan is to paint up an Australian M1A1 AIM SA Abrams, using the Empress M1A1.