Sunday, 19 February 2017

Modern Bolt Action. HVT snatch.

Some of the guys and myself got together recently and played a modern BA game using Jay White's Modern adaption of Bolt Action, which you can find below.

Link to rules:

Place: Somewhere in Afghanistan.

US MISSION : Capture a Taliban High Value Target (HVT) believed to be hiding  somewhere in the local town. To do so US Forces must search house to house in the Taliban table half until HVT located.
Once located HVT to be extracted by DELTA team via Blackhawk helicopter  and taken of board.

TALIBAN MISSION: Protect the Emir (HVT) and stop the infidels at all cost.

To spice things up the board was divided into six sections with each player rolling a D6 to see what end each unit came in from.
Snipers were already hidden as described in the  rules and so was the HVT( By the Taliban).
The Blackhawk could also come on from any side.
Civilians were added as per the rules. These added a lot of fun as they would be moved by rolling a D6 at the begging of each turn by the Taliban with the possibility of being suicide bombers. There were six groups of civilians in total.

The board was divided in half to allow the US forces enough time to search a number of buildings. Ten in total. In order to clear a building a  unit must make entry and physically check or look through the windows.


HQ: 2 Men + JTAC Operator. (Regular)
1 x 2 Man Sniper team . (Elite)
1 x 2 Man MMG team. (Regular)
3x Squads. Each squad consist of 1 team leader and 2x four man fire teams. Each Fireteam has a LMG and an M203UGl. (Regular) These could be split, so were given a dice each.
1 x 6 Man DELTA team. (Elite)
1 x 4 Man DELTA team. (Elite)
1 x Hummer with 50Cal HMG. ( Regular)
1 x Hummer with TOW ATGM. ( Regular)
1x Blackhawk Helicopter. ( Regular)

TALIBAN FORCE. (All Irregular)

HQ: 1 Man.
1 x 2 Man Sniper team.
1 x HMG team.
7 x Six man squads all with 1x RPG and 1 x LMG.
1 x Technical with HMG.
1 x Technical with recoilless Gun.

Down town where the HVT is hidden somewhere to the right side of the board.

Some of the civilians at the local Bazaar.

Down town.

The US Force. (Blackhawk not shown)

Taliban Force.

The HVT.

Taliban Technical with Recoilless gun.

Most of the US forces came on from one of the long edges of the board. They failed to hit the technical.

Both Hummers move on caring a fireteam each.

US Squad with leader and 2 x fireteams dismount and move forward to clear buildings.

Taliban HMG with top view above one of two tall buildings.

A Taliban squad springs up behind the Us squads and opens up making some kills.

Taliban squad moving to the centre of the board.

A Taliban Technical with a HMG tries to flank the US squad who have just dismounted.

Get to the Infidels and kill them.

Looking at the board from the No.3 entry zone where most of the fighting is going on so far. The HVT is on top of a  buildings to the right where he has now been exposed by the US MMG team who entered from the No.2 position on the right.

The US HQ comes up from the rear...

...and takes out one of the Taliban squads leaving one man with a LMG.

The Taliban Sniper appears and takes out the US MMG team members who have exposed the HVT.

Taliban taking casualties.

Taliban running towards the HVT to fight off the US forces.

US Sniper team on overwatch.

Some of the civilians move in amongst the US forces and...

...unknown to them one of them is a suicide bomber causing mass casualties.

After the detonation of a suicide bomber the remaining US forces take out a nearby Taliban squad.

One of The US DELTA teams move in to mop up the Taliban rushing to the HVT location.

Tango's eliminated.

The Hummer with the HMG moves in to take out a Taliban squad.

With the HVT located a six man DELTA team on board the Blackhawk makes there way to the target location.

A second suicide bomber goes off inflicting more US casualties. 

The six man DELTA team fast ropes in to snatch the HVT.

A nearby Taliban squad desperately fires RPG rounds off but misses.

The US Sniper team takes out the Taliban HMG as it tries to shoot down the Blackhawk.

The Four man DELTA team continue to move around mopping up the Taliban.

More Tango's eliminated.

What little is left of the Taliban tries to take out one of the Hummers but fails.

One of the Hummers managers to immobilise one of the Technicals.

The area were most of the heavy fighting has taken place with the Taliban cleared.

One of the Technicals destroyed by an M203 UGL grenade.

With the HVT and the six man DELTA team on board the Blackhawk, it takes off to leave under fire from the Taliban.

The Last of the Technicals destroyed by another M203 UGL.

The battlefield with the target location to the top right. Most of the Taliban have been killed.

A third suicide bomber goes off in a desperate attempt to stop the Blackhawk  from getting away but fails.

Us troops checking the area that has been cleared.

With the HVT on board the Blackhawk leaves the area with just about all Taliban forces destroyed.