Friday, 22 May 2015

Bolt Action US Baptism of Fire.

Chris Yallouris has just started putting together a US Army for Bolt Action, 50% finished. So we got together on Friday night to baptise it in a game against my German Fullschimjager.

We both took 1000pts each.

The objective was to capture and hold three points on the main road. One on either ends of the board  and the middle cross roads.

Chris with the US had 11 units and me with the Germans had 7.

The Battle Field.

The main road with the three objectives.
The Americans ended up wining the game with seven units holding two objectives and the Germans reduced down to two units holding one.

US Sniper team moves on first.

                           All three German squads moved on next close to each objective.

Middle objective in sight of the Germans and a nasty Sherman tank.

US Sherman 75mm

US Ranger Squad.

US spotter.


US 105mm Gun.

German Sniper team.

US Squad.

US Engineers with flame thrower.

German Stug arrives...

...and immobilises the Sherman.

2nd US squad.

German AT team backing up the Stug.

German HQ.

US AT team.

US Rangers take cover near one of the objectives.

German Squad on the move.

A US squad takes shelter in a ruined farm house.

The US Engineers move up to the road.

The Stug takes another shot at the Sherman and scores a direct hit destroying it.

A US squad not far from one of the end objectives.

Us sniper team moves close to the cross roads to try and slow down the Germans.

German sniper team moves forward to try and hunt out there US opposite.

The US spotter calls in an air strike causing casualties for the Germans.

A German squads makes a run for of the objectives...

...only to be ambushed by the Rangers.

The Germans make it to the Cross roads and capture one of the objectives.

German HQ moves up to help on the left flank.

The Stug tries to keep back the US Engineers.

Just holding on.
The Rangers move forward to slow down the Germans.
The  US Squad moves out of the farm house ruins.
With the odds now in there favour the US squads move forward.
US Sniper team takes out their counterparts.

The German left flank is starting to collapse.

The Stug tries to harass the Americans.

The US Rangers cutting down the Germans.

The US 105mm gun wipes out the German right flank. Things are not going good for the Germans.

The German AT team moves to join the German squad at the cross roads.

The US Rangers assault the Germans on one of the flanks...

...and wipe them out.

First flank in US hands.

What's left of the Germans fights on.
The Stug moves towards the other flank to try and keep the us from taking it.

A desperate German attack.

US medic with the rangers.

Desperate battle.

German AT team gets taken out.

The second flank in US hands.

The US spotter moves forward to call the 105mm Gun down on the Stug.

The Stug keeps fighting.

the last of the Germans opens up on the US HQ...

...whipping them out. But it was the end of turn six and the Americans had taken two of the objectives.