Saturday, 7 January 2017

Bolt Action. No Mans Land Scenario.

My Good friend Joseph Semione has a talent for creating some awesome terrain boards.
Joe also built the awesome D Day board that appears in previous posts.

This time he has turned out an 8 x 4 foot Normandy bocage board and it is awesome.

We played a Bolt Action game of 1000 points each.
Joe took his US 101st Airborne and I took my German Waffen  SS.

We played the "No Mans Land" scenario on page 134 of the new 2nd edition rule book.

The Germans managed to beat the US as the bocage proved costly for the US.

I must say that it was really tough fighting on this type of board but great fun.
Perfect board for ambushing with lots of choke points.

Enjoy the photos.

Waffen SS

101st Airborne

The Awesome bocage board.

German MMG.

Joe's US Fury tank.



German MMG

German HQ.

US Airborne

US Airborne

German Squad.

US Spotter.

German HQ and Squad.

US Medium mortar.

US Squad.

US Squads.

US Squads.

German Pioneers with flame thrower.

US Sniper.

German Sniper.

The Germans.

German Squad.

US Squads.

The battle. Germans on the left and US on the right.

German left flank.



Fury immobilized.

Last US squad taking on the SS.

German right flank.

Last shots fired.

US squad.