Sunday, 18 May 2014

28mm ASLAV.

Finally got around to converting my LAV25 into an Australian ASLAV.
The Australian ASLAV has a smaller exhaust than the US LAV25.

The kit is the Empress 1/56 LAV25.
I cut down the original exhaust and added the exhaust pipe from a left over 1/48 kit.

Now all I have to do is pull my finger out, and get those Aussie troops over to my good friend Shane Hill for painting.

Here's some Pic's.

The Decals are from Company B.

Decals are from the Bushmaster kt. If you contact Company B, they will sell them separately.

Ready for action.

With the Company B Bushmasters

The real thing.

With Bushmaster.

The green covers over the top and front off the exhaust have been removed from the ASLAV's on Ops in Afghanistan.