Monday, 11 January 2016

Beach Assualt. Bolt action .

Here are some photos of the DDay board getting a proper workout at our club, Company Of Dice.

It was a game of four players. I sat this one out.
US Rangers and British Commandos versus 2 lots of Germans.
In the end it was an allied win.

Link to club page.
Highlight and right click.

Friday, 8 January 2016

Force On Force. Secure, Destroy and Rescue.

For our latest game of Force on Force, we decided to run two boards with three objective.

Somewhere in the Middle East a Blackhawk helicopter has been shot down caring some high ranking classified civilians. On board the copper was also a shipment of Surface to Air Missiles (SAM's).

The two pilots and two civilians have been captured by Insurgents along with the shipment of SAM's.

Mission: A Special Forces (SF) team must rescue the hostages, destroy the SAM's and secure the extraction point for a chopper.

The Shot down Blackhawk.

1st group of Insurgents
2nd group of Insurgents.

SF teams


Insurgents guarding the site of the shot down Blackhawk that was also the extraction site.

The captured SAM's.

The 1st board with the captured SAM's in the foreground, and in the rear the compounds were the hostages were being kept.

Insurgent Commander with his bodyguards.

Dshka HMG on top of one of the compounds close to were the Hostages were.

The second board were the extraction point was with the downed Blackhawk.

The SF team tasked with locating the Hostages.

SF team tasked with locating and destroying the SAM's.

SF Sniper team heading for there high point to provide security.

ST team tasked with securing the extraction point.

Insurgent snipers gurading the crash site that was to also be the extraction point.

One of the insurgents near the SAM's hears a noise and comes out of the building to check.

The SF team tries to take him out before he can raise the alarm...

...however he wounds one of the SF members before he is killed.

With the element of suprise now gone, all hell breaks loose and the rest of the SF teams engage targets.

The SF team at the extraction point have still managed to stay hidden and, have snuck into a building over looking the site.

Hearing gun fire in the distance the Insurgent commander call his fighters to arms.
The SF team at the SAM site now opens up on the rest of the Insurgents...

....killing most of them.

The SF snipers make it to the high point and take out the Dshka HMG.

Insurgents from all compounds come running out to the sound of the gunfire.

The SF team at the SAM site run into trouble as they start to take heavy casualties.

Having cleared one the compounds an SF team..

...pushes on to find the Hostages.

The SAM site has been cleared of all insurgents. However two SF members are wounded.

However they still carry out there mission and dstroy the SAM's.

On the other board more Insurgents head for the river were the crash site is located on the other side of it.

The Insurgent Commander takes a position in one of the towers to look to the other side of the river were the crash site is.

One of the SF teams searching compound by coumpound for the Hostages.

Back at the Extraction point the SF team calls in air support to clear the area as it is full of Insurgents. 

The Insurgents in the town were the Hostages are hidden, wait in ambush for the SF's.

The SF team cautiosly heads over the bridge for the town.

Wait for it!


The SF team get the drop first.

The insurgents at the extraction point are lucky and chase the air support off.

They now head for the far compound to search it after realising someone must have called in the air support.

Back at the bridge a heavy fire fight has killed most of the insurgents.

However two more SF members are wounded.

One of them however is ok to fight on.

Having taken serious wounds, what's left of the SF teams at the town merge to find the Hostages.

However more Insurgents open fire, but are are soon taken out.
Back at the extraction site the Insurgents start to take fire.

They try to shoot back..

...but are all cut down. Extraction site secure. The SF team now waits for the rest of the team and the Hostages.

Back in the town the SF team reach the last building containing the Hostages.

However being seriously wounded and low on numbers they are cut down by the last group of Insurgents in the town.

Having failed to rescue the Hostages, who have now been executed, the SF sniper team bugs out for a boat to move up river to the Extraction point.