Friday, 1 January 2016

Omaha Beach Bolt Action.

This New Years Eve my son's Godfather Con turned up for the festivity and noticed my new DDay Beach Board.
After drooling over how awesome it looked, we decided to set it up and have a small demo game as he has never had a game of Bolt Action and, what better to see the old year out with a game.

Con took the Germans and yours truly the Americans.

We took a HQ and five ten man squads each to keep it simple. All regular.

Well it was all over by turn three with Con rolling some awesome dice, (beginner's luck) killing up to seven or eight men per turn. 



  1. Great game in a fantastic table, really nice!

  2. That table is great! Really would like to have some landings on that! By the way, quite awesome dice rolling ;)