Saturday, 27 December 2014

Hold Until Relieved

Having recently had my Pegasus Bridge painted and completed by my good friend Joe Simeone, we both decided to baptise it with a game.

This is the Warlord games bolt Action Pegasus Bridge set.

Joe added some details like the wooden boards for the walkway and main bridge.

Adding the detail.

Base coat of grey.

Base coat of brown.

Main brown colour.

The finished product with weathering.

Time to put this baby to good use.

We played this game in two parts.
First part would be the British Paras gliding in and trying to take the east end of bridge from the German garrison.
Second part would be the British Commandos arriving to relieve the Paras and trying to stop a German counter attack.

East side of bridge that the British Paras had to capture.

British end to the left and German end on the right.
The German forces were made up of the two parts.

FIRST PART, Guard Garrison.
1 x HQ.
4 x Five man squads.
1 x Puma armoured car.

SECOND PART, Counter attack force.
1 x HQ.
2 x Ten man squads.
1 x HMG Team.
1 x Stug III.
1 x Panzer IV.

German Forces.

The British forces were made up of the two parts as well.

 1 x HQ.
 4 x Five man squads.
 1 x PIAT team.

SECOND PART, Commandos.
1 x HQ.
2 x Ten man squads.
1 x HMG team.
2 x Sherman tanks.

British Forces.

German Garrison sets up.

German Garrison HQ in the control tower.

First Paras land.

The battle begins.

More Paras arrive.

"Up and at'em lads."

First squad of Paras wiped out.

Major Howard and his HQ arrive and get straight into the fight.

Major Howard's HQ winning the assault.

Objective cleared.

Puma opens up.

The Germans had a squad up on the bridge that was cutting down the Paras.

More bloody hand to hand.

Major Howard and his HQ press on to take on the German Garrison HQ.

"Press on lads."

Puma ahead.

Puma takes aim.

The fight goes on.

Garrison HQ gone.

The last of the German Garrison fights on.

Puma getting closer.

After suffering heavy losses the Paras take out all of the German Garrison....

...forcing the Puma to back off and await for  re-enforcements.

With the east end  of the bridge secured, Major Howard gathers what's left of his Paras and awaits Lord Lovat and his Commandos.

"Hold until relieved.'

Puma awaiting re-enforcements.

The German counter attack arrives.

First of the Commandos arrive with the HMG team.

First Sherman arrives.

Second Sherman.

Panzer IV joins the Puma.

To the sound of  Milan's bag pipes, Lord Lovat  and the rest of the Commandos arrive.

Push on.

Commando HQ  with Milan and his bag pipes centre and Lord Lovat on the right.


German counter attack in full swing.

The Commandos push on.

Germans taking aim at the Commandos.

German main blocking force.

German HQ.

Tank dual.

"Keep moving lads."

The tanks kept missing each other.

Second German squad makes it to the bunker.

German HMG team moves in.

With the Germans in the bunker on there right and the German HMG team on there left, the Commandos start to take casualties and get pinned down.

Lord Lovat takes the lead and presses on.

First Sherman taken out. Things start to go bad for the British.

The Commandos rally and push on.

One squad of Commandos tries to assaults the Puma. Having  passed there test for tank shock, all they needed was anything but a one...

...they got a one and fall back after being cut down by the Pumas MG.

Things are not looking good for the British.

The Stug III moves up to add more to the carnage.

In a bold move one squad of Commandos charges forward and assaults the German HMG team...

...whipping it out...

...only to be cut to pieces next turn.

With Lord Lovat and his Commandos wiped out, Major Howard surrenders to the Germans.

Not quite the way history went, but a fun game it was.