Thursday, 30 January 2014

28mm 1980's Cold war Soviet Infantry.

Another one of my favourite periods was the Cold War.
Ever since the release of Force On Force's, Cold War Gone Hot , I have wanted to play a game in 28mm.
Collecting NATO forces was not to hard but, finding 1980's Cold War Soviets was rare with the minis from Mongrel minis no longer available.
The only minis I could get my hands on were the Eureka Cold War Soviets in NBC outfits.

Well just when I thought all hope was lost that fantastic sculptor, Kosta Herko has come up with these fantastic mid 1980's Soviet Motorised infantry.
Below are photos of the greens, but they are finished, cast and ready to go. I picked up three sets at Cancon from Eureka Miniatures and they are some of the best I have seen to date.

There are more on the way with, Soviet tank crew, Winter outfits with fur hats, and the Afghanistan range with the wide brim hats.

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Cancon 2014

Just got back from Cancon last weekend were I was helping my good friends out at The Combat Company.
Took some photos of people and games that I found interesting.

Me with Kick Ass

Don't know who these girls are dressed as but the one on the right looked good.
Main Games hall

The Combat Company stand
Some of the  Bolt Action pics.

This Australian Matilda tank was my favourite

The following pics are of the guys from the Berwick Wargames Association, who play a fictitious modern African War game using  the Chain Of Command rules.
I really enjoyed this one and some of the ideas the guys came up with for there armies.

Even the Phantom made an appearance in this game.

A BTR 40 I picked up to start my own African Malitia Army.