Thursday, 23 January 2014

Past WW2 Games. Louviers Assault.

Was going through one of my USB sticks today and found some photos of past games we played  at my brother's place.
These ones are from 2004 before Bolt Action. We had our own set of rules that were a mixture of Rapid Fire and 40k.

The British Paras lead the Allied Assault over the bridge.

The Germans wait in ambush.

The US and British move down the road.

After a sluggish battle to clear the first town, the Allies push forward for the main town.

A Panther a day keeps the Sherman away.

Follow them tanks lads.

Showdown at the O.K Coral.

The Allies get bogged down trying to take the main town.

In the end we decided to wrap up the game as it got late and that the Alies would have won as they had taken most of the board and the Germans were out numbered.

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