Sunday, 19 October 2014

Rhodesian Bush War Armies.

I have finally gotten all of my Rhodesian Bush War Minis back from my good friend Shane Hill, who painted all of the figures and the G-Car.

All of the figures and G-Car are from Eureka Miniatures, except for the African Warlord which is from Matakishi's Tea House.  Link attached Below.

The Eland 90  is a painted up Solido die cast French Panhard, which is what the Eland 90 was a copy of, supplied by the South Africans.
You can pick them up on Ebay. Same with the Unimog truck.

 Here are some pics.

 Rhodesian Security Forces.


G-Car with 4 man Stick.

Door gunner.

Eland 90.

Rhodesian Light Infantry RLI Stick 1

RLI Stick 2

British South African Police BSAP.



Rhodesian African Rifles RAR



Grey's Scouts.

 ZANLA forces.

Dshka and spotter


BTR 40 that I picked up at the Eureka stand at CANCON 2014.

I chopped the heads of some ZANLA minis and replaced them with helmet heads out of the Bolt Action Rangers pack. I plan on using these guys for FRELIMO figures for cross border OPS into Mozambique, or fictitious African war games.

Warlord for African wars .

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

SY CO 2014.

The Combat Company had it's first convention last long weekend, SY CO ( Sydney Convention).
It was an absolute hit.

There were all sorts of demo games and on Saturday night there was The Big Boys Night with a full buffet which included a roast pig.

The crew from MAKE MY MODEL, with Russel the owner of The Combat Company.


Vanessa AKA Boss Lady in the background with Mel providing lunch.

The crowds.

Luke from TSOM giving a tutorial.

My good friend Joe playing Dead Mans Hand.

Saturday nights dinner.

The roasted pig and buffet.

Speed painting comp.

Dice roll off comp, with all proceeds going to SOLDIER ON.

Yours truly.