Thursday, 2 October 2014

Bolt Action. Take and Hold.

Being the kids Holidays and having some time off myself, my son Evan and I played a game of Bolt Action.
The game was set in Caratan, France,and the objective was to hold two points on the main road.

Evan took a US force, which was made up of the 101st Airborne.

1x HQ.
3x Squads.
1x 60mm light mortar team.
1x M4A3 76mm Sherman.

I took a German force of Fallschirmjager.

1x HQ.
3x Squads.
1x Sniper team.
1x Panzer IV.

The Americans were coming on from the left side and the Germans from the right.

The objective was to capture and hold the intersection of the road and the far bend.

The bend in the road.
The farm house near the intersection
The Germans move in with the first squad heading for the bend.

The Americams set up the mortar behind the Bocage near the intersection.

1st US squad sets up in the ruines opposite the farm house.
1st US squad

Second German squad heads for the intersection.

Second US squad makes it to the dugout near the road between the two objectives.

Third German squad comes on heading for the intersection.

German 2nd and 3rd squads heading for the intersection.

German HQ sets up in the farmhouse.

The Panzer comes on and 2nd squad follow behind. looks like there's no stopping the Germans.

The US mortar fails to cause any casualties. HQ near by unimpressed.

On comes the Sherman to blunt the German advance.

3rd US squad comes in also not far from the Sherman.

Hunting for a target.

The Panzer moves in and takes the intersectioon.

2nd US squad bunkers down as they take the first casualties.

3rd US squad moves up to join the Sherman.

1st US squad makes a dash for the  intersection and open up on the 2nd German squad.

2nd German squad is cut down on the open road and is eventualy wiped out.

Having seen there 2nd squad wiped out, the German 3rd squad rushes for the intersection.

Get to the objective.

Having taken a position in the farm house, the German sniper kept failling to cause any damage.

1st German squad tries to get to the road bend.

The Panzer fails to cause much damage on the 1st US squad.


The Sherman fires and causes the Panzer to catch fire.

                              However the Panzer crew pass there morale test and are only stuned.

Moving up.

Objective in site.

The Panzer on the right of the intersection stunned, with the 2nd German squad trying to get to the objective.

To late. The 1st US squad get there first.

Keep watch. 3rd US squad.

Target spotted. Open fire.

1st German squad is just about wiped out.

There's no stopping the Americans now.

The Panzer fires but misses.

The battle is still on for the intersection.

Sherman fires and misses.

The battle still rages for the intersection....

...however the Germans are wiped out .

The German sniper still misses. Bugger!

3 men of the 1st German squad is all that's left of the German squads.

3rd US squad moves in for the kill.

The fight is on with what's left of the German squads and 3rd Us squad.

All German squads wiped out.

The Americans take the First objective being the bend in the road.

Sherman moves in for the kill but misses.

What's left of the battle. Not good for the Germans

The Panzer has no luck either.

The bend in the road clearly in US hands.

At this point with the Germans reduced to the HQ , Sniper team and the Panzer IV, the game was over with a Victory to the Americans.  They still had all there Six units on the board.

Well done Son. 



  1. Nice table and I really like the ruined farm house!

    1. Thanks Juha.
      This is actually the first time we have had a game of Bolt Action at my place.
      I've had the terrain for some time. The farm house is from:

  2. Well, other parts are very nice too. But loo and other details were particular innthat house. Nice models too!