Saturday, 27 June 2015

Modern Australian's for Afghan Ops.

I have had a large group of Modern Australian infantry from Skirmish Sangin(Link Attached) for some time, and now they are finally ready thanks to Shane Hill. These minis are perfect for Afghan Ops up until 2011 when the Australians were still wearing the Auscam uniform before the new Cryo Precision Cam that was on issue in Afghanistan from 2011. There armed with Steyrs, Steyr M203 UGL's and Minimi SAW's. There's even a radio operator.

Looking forward to putting them into action soon.

Small sample. Bushmasters from Company B, ASLAV25 modified from Empress.

Mixture of Steyr M203 UGL, Radio Operator, Steyr & Minimi SAW.

Not that they were used in Afghan Ops, But it looks Nice. My Aussie Abrams tank.

Hunting out the Taliban.

Saturday, 20 June 2015

D Day Normandy Beach Part 2.

Back in April I posted some photos of the start of my D Day Beach project I commissioned my good friend Joseph Simone to build.

Well Joe's being cracking on with it and here are some more photos.

The landing craft are from eBay. Link Attached.

The wooden duck boards and walls are from mike at Battle Field Accessories.
You can find him on Facebook.

Joe AKA "The Master" marking out the trenches.

Trenches marked and one of the cliffs carved.

Bunker and cliff face.

One of the roads leading from the beach.

Half the defence line carved.

The duck boards and wooden walls that will line the inside of the trenches.

Road leading of beach.

With the trenches cut in.

Left road leading off the beach.

Right road leading off the beach.

Back of bunkers.

Duck boards that will line the bottom of the trenches.

More pictures to come.

Saturday, 13 June 2015

Russian advance. Bolt Action.

The Boys all got together at Joe's place this weekend and we played a 1500 point game of Bolt Action.

The setting was a town some where on the Eastern front with the Russians advancing and the Germans trying to counter attack.

The objective was to hold a large building on each others half and see who could get to the apposing sides one and hold it as well.

Both armies would start by deploying 50% of there forces within 12 inches of there edge.

The Russians started the advance quite well managing to get close to there objective only loosing a single tank during the game with all the remaining squads still in the fight.

The Germans not so lucky loosing three units and finding themselves pined down with there couter attack stalling.

In the end neither force reached there target, so it came down to who lost the most units with the Germans loosing three to the Russians one.

Russian forces.

German Forces.

The board from the Russian side. The building with the Green roof on the bottom right was the Russian building, and the double one up in the top left, was the German one. Both forces had to capture each others.

The board with the Russians coming form the left and the Germans from the right.

With luck the Russians move first .

The Russian Building.

Germans advancing.


German MMG.

More Germans.


Russian T34/85.



German HQ and squad.


The Russians push up to the centre off the town on there left flank.

Russian T34/85.

"For the Mother Land." Russian advance.

German Puma comes out to take a shot at one of the T34/85's.

Puma fires

Puma misses.

Having missed the Puma uses the recce rule and quickly bugs out.

Having bugged out the Puma takes cover behind a building.

With the Puma gone the T34/85 opens up on the German infantry.

Russian advance.

Germans rush forward to try and halt the Russian advance.

Germans moving up.

"Get those Panzerfausts up there."

Russian side.

"Move forward comrades."

Germans try to unleash some panzerfausts but both miss.

One off the Russian sniper teams who kept pinning the Germans down.

Russians occupying one of the centre buildings.

One of the Russian HQ's inspiring two squads of green troops to move forward.

Germans trying to get some panzerfausts to the front.


Germans trying to desperately stop the Russians.

German squad pinned.

Birds eye view of the battle. Russians to the left and Germans to the right.

Russians pushing on. Not far from the objective.

Second Russian sniper team in the Russian building. The Snipers earned there keep pinning down the Germans.

Germans come out and try another panzerfaust with no luck.

German Puma tries a second attempt at one of the T34/85s

Russian Green troops move forward and take cover.

Germans in the centre of the town.

Russian left flank.

Russians moving up on the right flank.

Germans trying to stop the Russian left flank.

The battle around the centre of the town.

German left flank.

German HQ moves up to assist pinned squad.

Russians move forward and and open up on the left flank.

German Puma tries again and this time takes out the T34/85 on the Russian right flank.

The Germans try the same on the Russian left flank but seem to have no luck with there panzerfausts.

Having failed with there panzerfausts,the Russians come out of one of the buildings and finish the Germans off.

Russian right flank with the knocked out T34/85. This was the only unit the Russians lost in the battle.

Second Russian squad on the left flank.

Russian squad being thinned out.

Most of the Germans squads were pinned down on there left by Russian snipers.

Germans trying to move forward.

Russians taking fire from the Germans.

What was the only German squad on the left flank of the Russians tries to assault but gets wiped out.

The Germans desperately try to hold back the Russian right flank.

Russian right flank. This is as far as the Russians would get on there right flank.

Russian right flank showing units getting pinned with stiff German resistance.

Russian left flank also starting to take on stiff German resistance.

Germans pinned by the Russians on the left.

View of the battle from the German end.

German sniper team in there Building. They didn't get to fire a single shot in the battle.

With a T34/85 tank  knocked out on the Russian right flank, the Puma moves forward.  The Russians try to take it out with a panzerfaust but miss. However the game was over by now.

The seen at the end of the battle with the Russians on the left and the Germans on the right. The Russians got the closest to there objective but were held back by stiff German resistance. In the end it came down to the Germans loosing three units to the Russians one.