Saturday, 20 June 2015

D Day Normandy Beach Part 2.

Back in April I posted some photos of the start of my D Day Beach project I commissioned my good friend Joseph Simone to build.

Well Joe's being cracking on with it and here are some more photos.

The landing craft are from eBay. Link Attached.

The wooden duck boards and walls are from mike at Battle Field Accessories.
You can find him on Facebook.

Joe AKA "The Master" marking out the trenches.

Trenches marked and one of the cliffs carved.

Bunker and cliff face.

One of the roads leading from the beach.

Half the defence line carved.

The duck boards and wooden walls that will line the inside of the trenches.

Road leading of beach.

With the trenches cut in.

Left road leading off the beach.

Right road leading off the beach.

Back of bunkers.

Duck boards that will line the bottom of the trenches.

More pictures to come.


  1. Fantastic project! This is going to be impressive.

  2. Looking awesome! Really inspiring project.

  3. Spyros, that looks fantastic. Nice work Joe! That will be one tough beach to assault.

    1. Thanks Brother. We'll get a game on when it's ready.