Monday, 24 February 2014

The Beast Of War. Soviet Cold War tankers.

Sat down and watched one of my favourite films this weekend," The Beast Of War". Some times it's listed as "The Beast".
It's about a Soviet tank crew in Afghanistan in the 80's, lost when there T55 tank takes a wrong turn after they have attacked an Afghan village, and are being hunted by Mujaheddin for revenge.

Really worth watching. You can watch it on You Tube.

The reason I watched it was I was awaiting the next set of minis sculpted by that Fantastic Sculptor KOSTA HERKO and cast by Eureka Miniatures, based on the Soviet tank crew in the film.

They were just cast this weekend, so Nic Robson hasn't had a chance to put them on the website yet, but they are available. Just drop Nic an email or call him.

Well they arrived today and what can I say. FANTASTIC. Kosta , you've done it again.

There are five minis. All in tanker NBC gas masks. One caring an RPG 7, one with a flame thrower , one commander holding binoculars and the rest with AK's.

Sorry about the quality of the photo.

Friday, 21 February 2014

Waffen SS

I've had a Waffen SS army for some time that Shane Hill has painted up for me, but have not had the chance to use it in a game yet.

Here are some pics.

Bolt Action and Artizan Minis

Tank Hunters

10.5cm Battery

10.5cm Gun

10.5cm Gun


Pak 40

Tamiya 1/48 Panthers Painted by Dave Baxter

1/48 King Tiger as is out of the box from Hobby Master.

1/48 Marder as is out of the box from Ultimate Soldier still available on Ebay.

1/48 flakpanzer as is out of the box from Ultimate Soldier picked up on Ebay.

The piece of terrain below is from "Architects of war", and is one of my favourites painted by my good friend John Diamond, who I play most of my wargames with.
Check out his blog, "Band of Wargame Brothers". It's in my favourite blogs list.

Sunday, 2 February 2014

WW II Australians in the Pacific.

Picked my self up a Matilda Tank Mk II while I was at Cancon to go with my WWII Aussies.
Got round to finishing it this weekend.

My force is based on the later part of the war when the Australians finally got better equipment and uniforms more suitable to the Pacific theatre.

Matilda Tank MK II from Army Group North

Brigade Games Minis

Minis From Brigade Games, Australians in the Pacific Range. Painted by Shane Hill

The Assault Group ( TAG) Chindits I use as Aussies. Painted by Leroy Simpson.

Brigade Games Minis

                                                          TAG & Brigade Games Minis

TAG Minis

TAG Minis

A Matilda tank as it appeared at the battle of Tarakan in 1945