Saturday, 27 June 2015

Modern Australian's for Afghan Ops.

I have had a large group of Modern Australian infantry from Skirmish Sangin(Link Attached) for some time, and now they are finally ready thanks to Shane Hill. These minis are perfect for Afghan Ops up until 2011 when the Australians were still wearing the Auscam uniform before the new Cryo Precision Cam that was on issue in Afghanistan from 2011. There armed with Steyrs, Steyr M203 UGL's and Minimi SAW's. There's even a radio operator.

Looking forward to putting them into action soon.

Small sample. Bushmasters from Company B, ASLAV25 modified from Empress.

Mixture of Steyr M203 UGL, Radio Operator, Steyr & Minimi SAW.

Not that they were used in Afghan Ops, But it looks Nice. My Aussie Abrams tank.

Hunting out the Taliban.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Vinnie. Your lot will be coming soon.

  2. Nice! That reminds me...dig my moders out from storage...

    1. Thanks Juha. Your modern stuff is some of my favourite. Where going to try using Bolt Action rules. Here's a link with the stats.

  3. Great figures and painting work. I like a lot this cammo.

    "Fighting season" is comming...

    1. Thanks Juan. I have noticed the new Chain of Command rules coming out.
      Will have to try them some time.