Saturday, 13 December 2014

All Day Bolt Action.

Saturday just past was an all day Bolt Action day.

First of it was down to my good friends at the Combat Company for a few sessions of Bolt Action with the fantastic team from "The Demo Gamers", who put on a fantastic game of the airborne drop of, "The Battle for  Sainte Nere Eglise".

Then it was of to Joe's place were we play a game of US forces vs German forces.
The forces were pretty balanced with three squads each mounted in half tracks, two tanks,HQ and support elements of HMG's, snipers and AT Teams.

The objective was to captures three points on the main road.
My Son Evan and Joe played US Forces and Andrew and myself the Germans.

The game came down to the wire as most squads were wiped out and needing three men or more to hold an objective, all squads were out, except for a lone three man team of  a German HMG squad, who captured a single objective on the final turn just winning the Germans the game.

First point was the end above near the tree and bunker.

Second point was the cross road to the left.

Shot of same cross road to the right. Third point was the opposite end of the road not in view.

German Forces.

US Forces.

German Mortar Team.

German AT team

US Forces move in.

German Sniper team.

German's rush to the front.

US armour support

German Stug.

German first squad rushes for the cross road.

US first squad not far from the cross road.

More Germans head for the third objective.

US forces heading to third objective.

Another US squad heading closer to cross roads

German squad making there way to the third objective top right.

US HMG team.

US Sniper team and Mortar team in ruined building.

German HMG team and HQ in bunker. This would be the HMG team that would win the game as it was the only squad consisting of three or more men on either side that could hold an objective.

A Us squad moves into bunker at the cross road.

German squad and Panzer near the third objective.

The Cross road in the centre. The first objective was at the bottom of the photo not in view, and the third objective at the top, not in view.

German sniper team takes position on top of a bunker not far from the cross road.

Germans reach the cross road first. 

What's left at the third objective after a bloody close combat round of what was a squad of US and Germans. The Germans won the round but were reduced to two men with three needed to hold the objective.

The battle for the cross road, were both forces would be wiped out in close combat.

First objective were once again over time both forces would be wiped out.

The Panzer tries to take out the Sherman only to keep stunning it.

Whats left at the cross road.

Us squad holds the first objective for a short time...

...only to be wiped out under heavy MG fire from the half track and then failing a roll for morale.

The Stug and half track try to put up a defencive wall of cover as the lone German HMG squad rushes to the first objective on the last turn. While doing so a lone US Sherman tank was in ambush and took a shot with the result of a pin. All hope was lost as all the Sherman needed was one kill to end the game in a draw.

It missed and the German HMG squad made it by the skin of there pants winning the Germans the game with the capture of the only objective.