Saturday, 15 November 2014

Bolt Action on the Eastern Front

Played a game of Bolt Action with the Boys at Joe's place this weekend.
This time it was Germans versus Russians.

The Germans consisted of the following.

2 x HQ.
4x 10 man squads.
1x mediun mortar.
1x sniper team.
1x AT team.
1x Tiger I tank
1x Stug III

The Russians consisted of the following.

2x HQ.
4x 10 man squads.
1x MMG team.
2x sniper teams.
1 x T34/85 tank
1x T34/76 tank.

It was an all out blat to see who could wipe who out first.

The Board.

1st Russian Squad.

German medium Mortar

1st German Squad.

2nd Russian Squad

German AT team that kept missing until the end.

3rd Russian Sqd.

3rd German Sqd.

4th Russian Squad.

1st Russian HQ

4th German Squad.

Germans advance.



Tiger I

Show down.

Tiger I draws first blood.

Payback. Scratch one Stug III.

1st Russian sniper team covering the bridge.

Russian MMG covering cross road near the church.

German sniper team in the church bell tower.

The boys.

Russians advance to the bridge.

Germans advancing.

Looking for more pray.

Germans advance on the opposite side of bridge.

Get that last tank.

Second Russian HQ.

The bridge with opposing sides on each side. Russians on the right.

Take the bridge.

T34/76 rushes to hold the bridge.

First German HQ moves forward to bolster the German squads as they were starting to take heavy casualties by now.

T34/76 arrives to complete the sweep.

Heavy fighting near the church. But in the end the Russians held the line.

Russian infantry support.

What's left of the German squads advances with the Tiger I.

2nd German HQ is all that was left at the church end, but was eventually wiped out.

Mopping up what's left of the Germans at the bridge end.

2nd Russian sniper team picks of what's left of the Germans.

Battle for the bridge with the last German Squad to the left.

1st Russian sniper team starts to pick off the Germans as they in view on the bridge.

T34/76 joins in.

Tiger I comes in only to be immobilised. The same would happen in the next turn to the T34/76 at the hands of the German AT team.

2nd Russian sniper team comes to view to try and take out the German sniper, only to be taken out by his pray who was waiting in ambush.

By this stage the Germans were just about wiped out and the Russian were the Victors.


  1. Great game spyros. Russians are great definitely on par with Germans. Think I'll have have to start a Russian army. Can't wait to play again !!!

    1. Thanks Joe.
      I highly recomend them. You can never have enough armies.

  2. Great AAR and fantastic pictures. I like a lot the games with Soviets vs Germans, they are really different to the "other" ones.

    1. Thanks Juan.
      I have to say, the Soviets are my favourite army.

  3. This is great. What an awesome game this must have been!

    1. Thanks Joe. It was an awsome game.
      How are your armies comming along?