Saturday, 4 April 2015

Beach Assualt Bolt Action.

Being the Easter long weekend my brother and I took a trip up to John's place for a game of Bolt Action, and a chance to give my full lot of British Commando's a baptism of fire.

The scenario was a beach landing by the Commandos trying to take out a defended German port.

The Commandos ended up just wining the game, but at a heavy cost at the beginning.
Almost looked like another Omaha at the start.

The Board with the the port on the right.

The port and beach the British Commandos would arrive from.

The first Commandos hit the beach and immediately assault the German light gun.

Second squad arrives.

Piat AT team arrives.

The heavily defended German positions.

Pak40 on the hill looking down at the beach.

The Germans open up with devastating effect on the Commandos.

One of the German HQ's.

Pak 40 looking down at the beach.

Commando sniper team arrives but fails to hit amongst all the chaos of the heavy fire.

The Commandos trying to push inland.

German re-enforcements rushing to the beach to halt the Commandos

British armour arrives to try and suppress the German fire.

The right flank.

The Churchill tank comes under immediate fire and is pinned by the Pak 40.

Not looking good for the Commandos so far.

Second Pak 40 on the left flank.

Pak40 on the hill immobilises the Churchill turning it into a pillbox for the remainder of the game.

Centaur tank arrives on the left flank with better results.

One squad of Commandos makes it to the building and tries to clear it in an assault, but in the end they were shot up before they could kick in the front door.

One of the Commando HQ's tries to assault the Germans on the left flank.

One squad of Commandos finally managers to make it of the beach and push inland on the left flank.

With the Commandos breaking in on the left flank Germans rush to try and stop them.

The port with all landing craft.

With the Pak40 taken out the Centaur tank pushes inland on the left flank with devastating effect.

Close quarters fighting.

This squad of Commandos was just pinned on the beach the whole game.

With the Churchill tank immobilised on the right flank it shoot at what targets it can over on the left were the Commandos have managed to break through.

More Commandos trying to get off the beach.

 In the end with no anti tank capability left the Centaur tank just decimated what was left of the Germans with the British Commandos just winning by the skin of there pants.


  1. Nice looking game and really reat table! Was the scenario self made or from some Warlord source?

    1. Thanks Juha. We just made this scenario up so I could use my British Commandos.

  2. This looks to have been an amazing game. Did you have even points for both sides? The boards and soldiers all look very good a convention style looking game in quality.

    1. Thanks Sean.
      We roughly had the same points. Got carried away with the game so I didn't take as many photos as I would.

  3. Great assault from the sea. Fantastic game table and models!

    1. Thanks Juan.
      Beach assualts are my favourite.

  4. Great stuff my friend and great to see some of Leroy's very first painting is still making it onto the table.

    1. Thanks Nathan.
      You can't beat the classic minis.

  5. From where are those landing crafts? Spotted two different kinds. Would like to hear more of the scenario used in this game.

    1. Hi Juha.

      The blue camo ones were scrach built by a friend and the other plastic ones are from Ebay. Link attached.

      The game was just a normal game of Bolt Action.We just used the landing craft as entry points for the Commando units.

  6. Thanks, so no firing into approaching vessels or anything. I see, will try that too.

    1. We didn't use the new Battle Ground Europe rules yet. We will try them soon.