Thursday, 1 October 2015

Hold Until Releaved. Bolt Action Game.

Some of us turned up to the Club recently to play Bolt Action.

We each took an Army of 1000 pts . I took my Waffen SS and played Joe who took Americans.
The Americans had to hold the Objective until they were relived.

The Germans were allowed to set up infantry squads hidden from the start, 18 inches away from the objective the Americans were holding.

Unfortunately things didn't go the Americans way, as they were unable to hold the objective after the Germans flooded it with troops that were hard to budge.

The board with the objective being one of the ruined buildings on the right.

Germans moving in.
German advance
Objective in sight for the Germans.
Germans running for the objective come under fire from an American HMG in the building.
Germans running for the Objective which is the smaller ruin on the left just visible.
American Paras rush in.
The objective is the House behind the one with the American HMG on the right.
Sherman opens up.
Germans rushing for the Objective which is the second building in the front .
Two squads of Germans trying to halt the American Paras
One of the German squads makes it to the Objective.
A squad of German pioneers opens up with a flame thrower on the American Paras causing damaged while the rest of the squad opens up.
An American Flame Thrower team moves forward to try and stop the Germans but fails to hit and is then cut down.
Germans moving on mass to the Objective.
Germans in front of the Objective with the Sherman in the background.
Another American squad moves in to assist the Paras in the background.
A German panzershreck team sneaks up towards the Sherman.
More Americans arrive to help the Sherman.
Fire fight.
Germans under fire.
The Battle so far.
German Sniper moves on under the watch full eyes of the American HMG.
Germans swamping the objective.
The Sherman starts lobbing HE rounds in the Germans.
What's left of a German squad sneaks through the ruins under the American HMG.
The Germans take shelter as the Sherman keeps pumping HE rounds into them.
One of the American squads getting close to the Objective.
The Germans open up with a panzerfaust from the top floor and take out the Sherman.
By this stage it was turn six and, it was all over for the Americans with no chance of reaching there objective.


  1. Those your tables and set ups are just great! Is that table base some sort of foamboard?

  2. Thanks Juha.

    This board is just to sheets of wood with some wooden roads Joe made up.

    We have been using foam for other tables like the Normandy DDay beach which is almost finished.
    Once that is finished Joe Will be starting a Normandy Bocage board out of foam.

  3. Again, a fantastic game table and a very interesting game!

  4. Love the table set up buddy. That is just what I would like to do. I have about fie building ready to build but none of the damaged ones....might have to grab a couple I think.

    1. Thanks Vinnie.
      The're awsome. The set up is from our club. Check us out and join our Face book page.

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks John.
      This was played out our club, "Company of Dice", on one of the many tables.