Thursday, 3 September 2015


Received my Australian M113AS4 APC's this week from Les, AKA Uncle Les.
They look fantastic and I would have to say they are some of my favourite modern vehicles to date.

The M113AS4 APC is longer than the original M113 with an extra set of wheels. This was done by connecting the body of two M113 APC's together, adding a new turret and external fuel tanks in a major overhaul, to try and extend the life of the M113 in Australian service.
 The kits will soon be on sale from Eureka Miniatures or via an email to
 Price per unit is AUD $55+P&P as a kit and AUD $80+P&P as a painted unit.
 He will even customise the kit to your liking, eg. crew and hatches.

 Les will have a website up soon were you can buy direct. I will post it up on this blog when ready.

Here are some photos with some of my other range of 28mm vehicles and minis for size comparison.

As you can see they fit in perfect with other 28mm vehicles.

My Aussie vehicles.

Customised with crew.

With 28mm Skirmish Sangin Minis.

With Empress M1A1

With ASLAV (Converted Empress Lav 25).

With Company B Bushmaster IMV.

The old version with the new. Eureka M113 on the left.

    Some photos of the real thing below for size comparison.


  1. This is a very nice vehicle, great model. And the painting work is fantastic!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you for the great work.
      Looking forward to new stuff.