Monday, 31 August 2015

28mm Australian M113AS4 APC.

These are some photos sent to me by Leslie Applebee AKA Uncle Les, of some 28mm Australian M113AS4 APC's that he has produced of which I have purchased four.

They will be on sale from Eureka Miniatures or via an email to

 Price per unit is AUD $55+P&P as a kit and AUD $80+P&P as a painted unit.

Les has designed some fantastic stuff in the past including the 28mm Rhodesian K and G Cars.

 I'll have more photos up when they arrive next to figures for comparison.


  1. Very nice models and exellent paintjob. By the way, are these still in service?

    1. Thanks Juha.

      Yes. If you look closely it is a streched version with an extra set of wheels and a longer body. They were all overhauled about seven to eight years ago and are now in service.

    2. Right, thaye are indeed longer. Didn't noticed that. Good to know.