Sunday, 6 September 2015

28mm Special Forces.

Here are some photos of my latest minis to be painted  by Neil Milne.

They are a mix of Eureka and Empress Special Forces which can also be used as Private Military Contractors.

These minis are great for Middle East Ops, Africa  or any Global Ops.

Link to Eureka:

Link to Empress:

The whole team.

Mix of Empress US & UK special forces.

Eurekas Special Forces/PMC's
Minimi team. Empress left, Eureka right.

Running. Empress left, Eureka right.

Eureka minis.

Back view.
Empress minis.

Command team. Eureka mini on the left  followed Empress minis.

Empress Sniper Team.



  1. Really nice figures on both of those ranges. I really love Eureka PMC minis. Incidently I painted a load those few years back when we had our FoF campiagn running. Very good collection of vehicles too, and even chopper!

  2. Thanks Juha.
    I have seen your minis and they are my favourite. I have even saved the photos for reference.

  3. They are looking good Spyros...a very nice little collection

  4. I have those figures and I like a lot the ones from Eureka. Your painting work is very nice!

  5. Thanks Juan.
    These were painted by a friend.

  6. Nice looking figures, and great last picture!