Saturday, 5 November 2016

Spectre: Hostage Rescue.

November 5th saw our monthly gathering at our club Company of Dice.

Steven Drury ran me through a quick game of Spectre.

The mission involved a team of US Delta operators rescuing two hostages from a group of Insurgents before they could behead them.

 The minis are a mixture of EUREKA, EMPRESS ans SPECTRE.

Some of the insurgents.

The hostages and the hostage takers.

Some of the DELTA operators.

Insurgent sentries patrolling the area.

The town with the middle building were the hostages are being held with the sentries patrolling.

The DELTA operators move in to suppress the sentries.

More sentries for the insurgents.

The DELTA operators break up to take positions.

DELTA operators take out the first sentries.

The DELTA sniper team take out two more sentries.

DELTA operators wait behind a bus while the snipers clear the sentries.

The last of the sentries who were taken out clearing the way for the DELTA operators.

DELTA operators with there trained attack dog move towards the building were the hostages are kept after all the sentries have been neutralised.

DELTA operators on the move.

The DELTA snipers provide overwatch from a roof top.

DELTA operators scan the area as they advance to there target.

DELTA operators close in on the target building.

The insurgents leader preparing to behead the hostages.

DELTA ready to breach the doors.

DELTA snipers on overwatch as they relay info to the breaching team to move ASAP.

Insurgents in one of the other building unawear of what is happening.

DELTA operators setting the breaching charge with the insurgents waiting on the other side unaware of what is coming for them.

Door breached, "GO, GO, GO!"

Having heard the breach charge exploding more insurgents come running out of one of the buildings, only to be engaged by a hail of bullets.

A DELTA operator opens up on the insurgents as they come running out of the building.

Meanwhile the DELTA operators have successfully breached the target building and engage the insurgents on the ground floor.

Hearing the explosion and the sound of gunfire a backup team of insurgents arrive at the scene and open up fire.

With the arrival of more insurgents the DELTA snipers open up.

Some of the insurgents who survive the DELTA snipers rush forward and manage to take out one of the DELTA operators.

DELTA operators. Ground floor clear moving to top floor.

A Second DELTA operator is pinned and killed.

However the rest of  DELTA team make it to the top floor and start engaging the insurgents.

Insurgents trying to move to the target building.

However they are pinned down by the DELTA snipers.

Target neutralised hostages rescued.   GAME OVER.