Saturday, 26 November 2016

1980's Cold War British Army On the Rhine. 28mm.

One period that has always interested me has always been the Cold War in the 80's.
I remember growing up collecting every book I could. Glad I've still got them.

My favourite army has always been the British Army.

Not many Cold War Brits around in 28mm other than the Mo Fo Falklands range.

Link to Mo Fo:

These are great minis but I also wanted some other poses to add to my collection.

Saw the Eureka Aden British in glengarry caps, and asked my good friend Leslie Applebee from Uncle Les Models if he could covert them for me.

Link to Eureka:

Link to Uncle  Les:

 Below are photos of his work on some of the minis so far, and an AVRE Centurion tank. 
More minis and vehicles are on the work bench.

Sleeves rolled down. Eureka.

Helmets on. Eureka.

Eureka Minis next to some Mo Fo ones and a Eureka German Milan converted to British.

Both Eureka on right and left with a Mo Fo one in the middle.

AVRE Centurion  from Uncle Les Models.
AVRE Centurion .