Tuesday, 8 May 2018

1980's 28mm Israeli Infantry.

Some of the latest additions to my collection are some 28mm 1980's Israeli Infantry for the Lebanon War.

These are some of the nicest minis I've come across and are from Badger Game's Modern range.

Link: https://shop.badgergames.com/Mongrel-Miniatures_c9.htm;jsessionid=F7D0A43B6570EBA5B49D02C550587C99.p3plqscsfapp001

 They are armed with a range of Galil's, M16's,  AK 47's, UZI SMG's and RPG's. These also come with a mixture of M203 UGL's . Some are caring the fold up portable stretcher and radio packs.
There is a mixture of helmets and soft hats. 

 I have some M113s and a Ford Mutt to add to the collection coming some.
These were painted up by a good friend of mine.

Hope you enjoy the photos. 


  1. WOW!! These are awesome! Love the photos...and the Merkava is amazing!!

    1. Thanks mate. I've also got the Syrians. We'll have to put a game on. Just waiting on the last of the Israeli vehicles.

  2. Beautiful minis and scenery, look great!