Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Latest Late war Pacific Jungle Division Australians.

My Jungle Division Aussies have finally been completed, except for some Papuan Native Infantry.

They are a mixture of Eureka, Wartime and Warlord miniatures, painted by my good friend Joseph Semione.

The vehicles are a mix of Company B and Uncle Les Models.


Infantry and support.

Matilda frog.

Independent Commandos.


Infantry and Matilda tanks.

Radio operator.

Matilda tank.

Matilda's and Bren carrier.

25 Pounder Short.

Flame thrower.

PIAT Team.

Commando HQ Group.


Commandos hitting the beach.

Boys Anti Tank Rifle.

Commandos supported by Matilda tanks.

Commando NCO.

NCO in contact with tank crew calling in target.

PIAT team.

Corporal Leslie "Bull" Allen (Medic)

25 Pounder Short.

Sniper Team.
Vickers MMG.

Medium Mortar.