Saturday, 4 June 2016

DDay Bolt Action event at Company Of Dice.

This Saturday we held a DDay tournament at our gaming club, Company of Dice.

There were a total of 26 players and two rounds.
First round 1000pts each.
Second round 1500pts each.

There were two teams split into Allied forces and German forces.
Generals were appointed for each side.

First round went to the Germans with a massive win but the Allies clawed back in the second round to close the gap.

History was re written with the Germans winning the day with 80 points to the Allies 65 points.

Here are some photos of the day.


  1. Wonderful!!! This is wonderful!!!

  2. Absolutely wonderful! Truly would like to participate one of those events.

  3. By the way, did you had any additional rules or modifications in use of that great game? Would like to organize something similar in our club too.

    1. Thanks Juha.

      We Used all the Battle Group Europe rules and alocated a General for both forces and they were in charged of alocating each player to a specific mission. Both teams had a reserve force of 500 points that could be drawn from as required.

    2. Thanks, so very basic approach then. I think it's the best way to do this.

  4. I popped my head in for an hr or so as a visitor (I was with John) and was very impressed with the quality of the games and terrain. Thanks for having me and I posted a few pics here:

  5. Some great looking tables there buddy. I will have to get down your way again one for a game and to catch up.



    1. Thanks Nathan.
      Would be great to catch up. Been a long time.