Saturday, 14 March 2015

Joe's City Board.

My Son Evan, Chris Yallouris and I got together at Joe's this weekend for a game of bolt action on his new city board.

The game was 2000pts each and was between Germans and Americans.

My son Evan and I took the Americans and Chris and Joe the Germans.

Joe's board looks fantastic. Unfortunately we still need more buildings to fill it.
Joe is working overtime to pump them out.

The objective was to capture and hold the three bridges on the board.
We started playing the game at 2:30pm and ended up finishing about 9pm.

Americans were all regulars with two HQ's and eight 12 man Squads. 2 Sniper teams, 2 Bazooka teams, a flame thrower team , 1 Sherman 76mm and an M36 Jackson tank destroyer.

The Germans a mix with an SS squad thrown in and 4 veteran infantry squads armed to the teeth with panzerfuasts, 1 Tiger tank, 1 Kubelwagon, 1 Pak 40 ATG. 3 half tracks, 2 HQs, a sniper team , 1 HMG team, 1 Panzershreck team and a heavy mortar.

The Americans.

More Americans.

The Germans.

The Board still needing more buildings.

First Americas on.

German half track

More Yanks

German half tracks trying to block the first bridge.

US bazooka team makes it to the building looking down at the first bridge.

German sniper team.

The bazooka team re-enforced by a sniper team and a squad.

More yanks to the centre of the board.

The Pak 40 ATG.

Us squad to the right flank.

German squad to the centre.

Another US squad arrives to boost the left flank which is already in the building.

German HMG in the centre buildings.

More US troops on the right flank.

German half track on the right flank.

German Kubelwagon in the centre.

The US left flank with three squads on it. One is in the building with a Bazooka and Sniper team.

Second US sniper team to the centre.

First us HQ.

German observer in the centre who kept calling in the heavy mortar.

German mortar being used as a Heavy mortar.

View of the board from the US right flank with the US on the left.

View from the German side.

Germans on the right flank

The Waffen SS squad close to the centre bridge.

The centre bridge from the German side.

Centre bridge with Germans.The HMG was in the middle building.

Sherman arrives.

Jackson arrives.

Tiger arrives on the right flank.

Tiger advances for the kill.Unknown to him there is a Bazooka and flame thrower team in the building behind him.

Centre bridge.

Left flank.

Germans boost the right flank.

Not looking good.

The Sherman is stunned and pinned by the Tiger.

US left flank.

Centre bridge. By now the US had a large number of squads close to each bridge.

The German observer continues to call down fire.

The US right flank now pushing for the bridge.

The left flank capture by the US.

Left bridge in US hands.

US squad advances for the centre bridge.
German HQ and Tiger attempt to hold the right flank. By now most German squads were wiped out.

The battle for the right flank.

Left flank advance.

US flame thrower team tries to stop the Germans re-enforcing the right flank. But they would be killed.
US squad close to centre bridge.

The M36 Jackson kept failing to hurt the Tiger.

Centre bridge.

Germans desperately try to take back the left flank.

M36 Jackson taken out by Panzershreck on the other side of the canal.

US HQ on the right flank.

Finally after several attempts the Bazooka team knock out the Tiger. At this stage things started to go bad for the Germans.

Right flank with the Tiger gone.

With the Tiger no longer a threat the US charge for the right bridge

The Germans pull back.

View from the US right flank.

Both left and centre bridges in US hands.

Pour in on.Us infantry on the centre bridge.

The Americans pushing through on the left flank.

All three bridges in American hands. View from the US side.

Right bridge.

Centre bridge.

Left Bridge.

In the end the superior number of Americans won the game.

This was one of the most enjoyable games we have had in a while.
Thanks Joe for the fantastic board.


  1. Fantastic game table and models, really great your table! Very interesting AAR too.

    1. Thanks Juan. Always a pleasure to hear from you.

  2. Now that's some great terrain!! Saving Private Ryan final scene stuff. Good work Joe- great game Spyros!

    1. Thanks John. We'll run another game when we get more buildings with different oblectives. Maybe a "Saving Private Ryan" senario.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Nathan.
      Joe's a real talent at terrain.