Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Rhodesian Bush war.

Junior (My son Evan) and I, took a trip up to my good friend John's place last Friday, were we played a game of Force on Force.

The game was set in Rhodesia during the mid 70's.
This gave us a good chance to use my 28mm Rhodesians and ZANLA minis.

The mission involved two sticks of Rhodesian Light Infantry (RLI), each with a Land Rover, and two groups of Grey's Scouts, controlled by Nick and Evan, who's mission was to locate the ZANLA base and destroy it.

The ZANLA unit's, controlled by John, Conner and myself, consisted of three groups each with a BTR 40.

Part of the ZANLA base with a ZSU23 AAG on the main building.


The Rhodesians.

The board from the end the Rhodesian would enter from.

The other part of the ZANLA base.

The ZANLA mount up after a report of enemy in the area.

The AAG on the roof would prove deadly for the Grey's Scouts.

The Grey's Scouts move in.

The RLI.

The ZANLA dismount to attack.


The RLI 50 CAL takes out the AAG crew.

reinforcements arrive but are cut down.

Two of the Grey's are taken out.

Pushing on.

BTR40 tries to take on the second group of RLI.

Waiting to spring the ambush.

RLI ambush takes out the BTR40 causing it to crash with no survivors.

With the ZANLA base secured, the RLI set demo charges.

ZANLA forces arrive to try and retake the base.

The RLI take control of the AAG and put it to good use against its former owners.

In the end the Rhodesians were able to complete there mission by neutralising all ZANLA forces in the camps and holding of long enough to set charges to the base and destroy it before it could be retaken by ZANLA forces.


  1. great looking game old mate

  2. Thanks Vinnie.
    Let me know if you ever come across some 28mm African style huts you want to sell.

  3. Great game Spyros...but we've got to stop letting our boys beat us! I'll put my report up soon too!

  4. Thanks John. Your right,we're always having a' " Can of Woop Ass", Unleashed on us.

  5. Very nice AAR. I also have these figures, and I´m preparing my own game with "Force on Force"!
    Very interesting blog too; I have put it in my Blog´s roll. Cheers!

    1. Thanks Juan.
      There's more figures being painted wich include the Rhodesian African Rifles and a K-Car.