Saturday, 8 March 2014

Bolt Action on a Friday night.

The boys all got together for a game of Bolt Action at John Diamond's place last Friday night.
We had two tables running.

One was a Pacific theatre game were the Australians had to clear the area of the Japanese, and the second was the Battle of Crete were the Germans had to capture an airstrip from the Commonwealth Forces.

A couple of the lads and myself played on the Jungle terrain were I used my Aussies with the aid of a US flame thrower M3 tank by Phil.

More photos and a full report will be up on John's Blog,  "Band of Wargame Brothers."


All the lads and both tables.

The battle of Crete with the  air strip in the middle of the board, that the Germans needed to capture and clear.

The Commonwealth forces rush to the front.

The British take the end of the air strip and set up a stubborn defence.

The Germans move forward to clear the area.

Hold the line.

The Germans get bogged down.

In the end the Commonwealth Forces were  able to prevent the Germans from clearing the air strip.

German HQ.


The next set of photos are from the game I was in were the Australians were able to clear the area of the Japanese forces after the Japanese lost what little tank support they had.

The Australians were coming in from the right side of the board.

The Australians.

The Aussies move in quick to clear the village.

The main Aussie force presses forward with the help of a US M3 flamer tank which proved to be very handy.

Japanese tankete on the move.

The Japanese medium machine gun set up on the bunker, with the main forces moving forward to stop the Aussies.

Vickers MMG set up trying to stop the Japanese.

The Aussies pushed forward under the cover of the Vickers MMG.

"Target in site."

First tankete taken out by the M3.

The second tankete trying to sneak in from behind.

Village captured and cleared by the Aussies.

In true Kamikaze stile the Japanese proved no chance against the M3's flame thrower.

After sneaking in from the back, the tankete fired but failed to damage the M3, and was then destroyed in the next turn.

"Watch out for snipers."

With all there main support taken out and with nothing able to take out the M3, the Japanese retreated and the Australians completed there mission.

Mission complete.


  1. Great stuff Spryos I saw a few old Leroy paint jobs and I think I might have even painted the Japs about 12 years ago.



    1. That's right mate. There the same one's John's had for a while and they get dusted off for a game every now and then.

  2. Nice reports, love your buildings!

  3. Thanks Phil

    The terain and boards all belong to my good friend John Diamond, who put on the first 28mm WW2 game for a couple of us over 10yrs ago, and I became hooked on it ever since. Now with the Bolt Action rules it's become more easier.